Q: What is “Photo Credit”?

A: Photo Credit is an allowance for the free photos included in your package. You can mix and match any number of photos of any size – as long as the total price (as defined in the contract) for the selected photos is within photo credit balance they are free for you.

Q: When I meet photographer for consultations - is the same photographer actually going to take photos at our wedding?

A: Absolutely. You'll meet King, sign contract with King and King will show up at your wedding.

Q: Somebody told me that AZ Photo King has pretty unique "Try-Before-You-Buy" warranty. Could you elaborate?

A: Before signing the contract I have to be sure that I can handle the wedding and also my client must be convinced that AZ Photo King is the best option for her/his wedding photography. If the client is still reluctant AZ Photo King offers to make an engagement session - if the client likes results we can sign the contract. In other hand, if the client doesn't like the end result - there is no charge for the session and there are no hard feelings. (And of course, there are no photos for the client - she/he doesn't like them)

Q: Do you also provide video coverage?

A: No, only photography.

Q: Does "AZ Photo King has business insurance?

A: Yes, as any serious business "AZ Photo King" has $1,000,000/$2,000,000 business insurance policy.

Q: There are terrible stories about photographers who lose digital files because the computer disc crashes. What is your warranty that our wedding photos will survive before you send us DVD?

A: I am very concerned about data safety and my workflow is:

  • I download digital cards to the PC
  • I burn a DVD copy of all files
  • I copy all files to two (yes: TWO!) external archival discs
  • After I process files I repeat procedure: DVD copy + two external discs copy
  • My PC and all discs are connected to the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) unit providing also the surge protection
  • So, your photos are saved on 5 different medias (processing disc, 2 archive discs and 2 sets of DVDs) before you get DVD with photos. Sounds pretty safe, doesn't it?

    Q: What if you camera, flash or lens (or all together) breaks?

    A: Do not worry. I always have and use two cameras with two flashes and 5-7 lenses. Plus another backup system (camera, flash, lenses) is in the trunk of my car.

    Q: We could see a lot of you photos and finished albums on your site. How would you personally describe your style: classical of photojournalism

    A: I would rather call it "do-it-right"-ism: perfect balance of both styles wrapped with the highest level of personal service and effort.

    Q: Is it any way to contact your previous clients for the references:

    A: I would be more than happy to provide you with the contact information for the last 10 clients (or any other client...).

    Q: Today is so easy to be a good wedding photographer - digital cameras are so capable and cheaper every day.

    A: Using the same analogy everybody over 6'2" would make living in NBA - pro basketball is less than $50. It would take just a little more to be a rock star - good guitar is around $250... Believe me, it takes much more than good camera to be a good wedding photographer: experience based on years of practice and training, education, people's skills, business skills, love for the profession and (hard to believe in digital era) some talent. Uncle Bob or Aunt Sally can buy pro camera but they can not buy pro eye - and it is why you should hire "pro eye" for your wedding.