I was attracted to the photography as a kid in 1970's. It was the magic of the darkroom and unbelievable feeling of creative power: roll of film, blank sheets of photo paper, stinky chemicals, and dimmed red light...and the little kid is making nice photos. Moments in time frozen forever. It was the love at the first sight!

That love matured over the time and is backed with my dedication to perfection, formal ( New York Institute of Photography) and self training, gazillion hours behind the camera and countless photos...

And after all those years that love and passion is still there, every day stronger and stronger.

As everybody else in this field I tried all kind of photography: landscapes, macro photography, street and life photography, portraits, studio photography, abstract photography, sport photography, products photography... Very soon I realized that I am really into people's photography: not only to show the people on the photos but to tell something about them. To capture emotions, to go beyond the makeup, to save memories...Naturally, it didn't take to long to discover weddings as the "candy store" for all that.

I love weddings because I meet happy people. Each bride and groom is special in their own way and all excited about new beginning in their life. And the beauty, emotions, excitement and the energy of the wedding day is what I try to capture on the photos.

There is a saying among photographers: "Amateurs worry about the equipment, professionals worry about the profit and masters worry about the light."

I worry only about exceeding my clients’ expectations on their wedding day.

I've done weddings photos many times before.

Let me try to do them for you too.